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You are god, and you're really bored. So you decide to go on a good old apocalyptic killing spree against those boring, insignificant humans because you know….. they are having all the fun (and you really don't like that).

Judgement day is a 3d rts-god game for PC and mobile platforms that builds on the god game genre to offer the player the possibility to exercise the immense powers of a very angry god. The game is divided in various small maps located in different historical periods. Your goal is to kill as much inhabitants as you can using your god powers. These powers range from the possibility to interact with objects (start a car, take down a tree), instill emotions in humans (fear, anger, calm), possess them, blow up objects, start small fires (yes, they will become BIG fires) to the always lovely giant fireball of doom. You'll start with a limited range of powers (different in every map) and unlock new ones as soon as you collect the souls of the ones you have killed. Start simple and grow bigger along the way !!! But, be careful, your time on earth is limited and if you scare them too much the humans will run away from the map and you will lose their souls (unless you kill them first, of course). Judgement Day is a mix between real time strategy and god games, you will have an rts like view of the world where you can unleash your god powers. Initially, we will target Linux, OS X and Windows. As soon as the game runs well on PC, we will start working on an iOS version.


  • Play as an evil angry god, do you really need more ?
  • Kill humans in a lot of different creative ways, you can confuse a bus driver into running over someone crossing the road and then possess the local policeman into killing the bus driver and the crowd of people coming to see the incident.
  • Challenge yourself into making the best and funniest kill possible… and then show them to your friends.


Install instructions

Execute the file and Install the game.


JD.exe 45 MB

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